Aircraft Electrical Systems

    • The function of the aircraft electrical system is to generate, regulate and distribute electrical power throughout the aircraft
    • New-generation aircraft rely heavily on electrical power because of the wide use of electronic flight instrument systems

    Electrical Power Uses

    • Aircraft electrical power is used to operate:
    • Aircraft Flight Instruments
    • Essential Systems
    • Passenger Services

    Electrical Power Uses (cont.)

    • Essential power is power that the aircraft needs to be able to continue safe operation
    • Passenger services power is the power that used for:
      • Cabin lighting
      • Operation of entertainment systems
      • Preparation of food

    Power Used

    • Aircraft electrical components operate on many different voltages both AC and DC
    • However, most of the systems use:
      • 115 VAC @ 400 Hz
      • 28 VDC
    • 26 VAC is also used in some aircraft for lighting

    Power Sources

    • There are sever different power sources on large aircraft to be able to handle excessive loads, for redundancy, and for emergency situations.
    • These power sources include:
      • Engine driven AC generators
      • Auxiliary Power Units
      • External power
      • Ram Air Turbines

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