Engine Driven AC Generators

    • Each of the engines on an aircraft drives an AC generator
    • The power produced by these generators is used in normal flight to supply the entire aircraft with power

    APU Power

    • Most often the APUs power is used while the aircraft is on the ground during maintenance or for engine starting
    • However, most aircraft can use the APU while in flight as a backup power source
      • One exception to this is the B272, which only allows APU operation in the ground

    External Power

    • External power may only be used with the aircraft on the ground
    • This system utilizes a Ground Power Unit (GPU) to provide AC power through an external plug on the nose of the aircraft
    • GPUs may be either portable or stationary units

    Ram Air Turbine

    • Some aircraft are equipped with Ram Air Turbines, or “RATs”
    • These may be used, in the case of a generator or APU failure, as an emergency power source
    • When necessary, the RAT may be deployed to be used as an AC power source

    Aircraft Batteries

    • The aircraft’s nickel cadmium battery is final source of backup power
    • The battery provides 28 VDC
    • It is also possible to change the 28 VDC into 115 VAC 400Hz with the use of a static inverter
    • When using the battery, power usage is limited by the short life of the battery

    Electrical Power System Components

    • AC Generator
    • Constant Speed Drive
    • Integrated Drive Generator
    • Transformer Rectifier Unit
    • Generator Control Unit

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